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Calculator Description
Checkbook Balancer Balance your checkbook with this quick and easy calculator.
Mortgage Refinance Should you refinance your mortgage? Use this calculator to determine when you will break even.
How Much House Can I Afford? A house is a major investment that will greatly affect your financial future. Before you start shopping, be sure you know how much house you can afford.
Savings Calculator Find out how consistent investments over a number of years can be an effective strategy to accumulate wealth.
How Much Car Can I Afford? Determine what you can afford based on desired monthly payment, interest rate, terms, down payment and trade-in values. Or, estimate monthly payments based on the price of vehicles.
Loan Calculator Use this calculator to determine your payment or loan amount for different payment frequencies.
Cost of Credit If you don't pay off your credit card balance every month, the interest assessed means you may be paying more for the items you purchase than you expect. To find out how much more you might pay on credit card purchases, use this simple calculator.
Retirement Planner Age you wish to retire. This calculator assumes that the year you retire, you do not make any contributions to your retirement savings. So if you retire at age 65, your last contribution happened when you were actually age 64. This calculator also assumes that you make your entire contribution at the end of each year.
Pay Down Debt or Invest? When you have some surplus cash on hand, it is sometimes difficult to determine whether you should use it for investment purposes or pay down your debt. Use this calculator to help analyze your current situation.
College Savings Use this calculator to help develop or fine tune your education savings plan.
Back-to-School Budget The calculator will help you and your student consider all of your expenses, make necessary adjustments, and hit the stores armed with your pre-determined budget!
Allowance Comparison A regular allowance is a good way to teach your child about money. This calculator will help you figure out an appropriate allowance for your child.
Holiday Budget How much money should you plan to set aside for this holiday season? Financial planners recommend spending no more than 1.5% of your annual income on holiday spending. This is a good guideline, however if you plan to spend more, you may need to dip into funds from other areas throughout the year.

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