Fees and Charges

Item Description Amount
Overdraft Fee $21 per item
Stop Payment $15 per request
Account Service $3 per month if minimum balance is not maintained
Plastic Card Replacement First free then $5 each
PIN Replacement $6 per PIN
Captured Card Fee Third party charge
Auto Transfer to Checking $5
Domestic Wire Transfer Out $15
Western Union Wire Out $20
International Wire Out $35
Money Orders $2; $1 ea. for members 60+ or retired.
Cashier Checks $1 ea.; free for member 60+ and checks payable to member; min. amount $100 (effective 7/1/15)
Check Cashing Fee $3 min. or 1% if less $100
Check Information, Look Up/Copy Fee $2
Counting or Depositing Coin Members - free under age 18, 2% for 18+; 5% for non-members
Late Payment Fee 5% of unpaid installment or $25 if over 10 days late
NSF Loan Payment Fee $20
Returned Deposit item Single-Party $20/Multi-Party $5/Multi-Party, Business $10
Account Research/Reconciliation $15/hr.
Garnishment $10
Returned Mail/Bad Address $2
Account Closed within 90 days $20/account
Inactive Account Fee $5/mo.
Dormant Account Fee - No activity on account for 12 consecutive months and cumulative account balance is less than $100.00. Accounts with primary owners under the age of 18 and accounts whose owners also have a Certificate of Deposit or IRA with the credit union will be exempt from this fee. $5/mo.
Temporary Checks $.10 up to 10
Statement Copy Fee $2 per statement

Excessive ATM Withdrawal Fee

Does not apply to iDeal Checking Account.

$1 each if over 8/month

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